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The Feast of Tabernacles

The Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) is the last Hebrew feast of the year. After the Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah) on Tishrei 1 and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) on Tishrei 10, the Feast of Tabernacles is the third Fall Feast in the 7th month of Tishrei. It starts on Tishrei 15 and is celebrated for 7 days with the final climax on the 8th day. This year (2017) it begins at sundown on October 5 and ends on October 12.

I remember being taught in church that the Feast of Tabernacles was a time for the Hebrews to remember their 40 years of wilderness wanderings by building a “tent” (booth) with palm branches (Lev. 23:33-44). This is definitely true, but there is much more to understand about this feast and its significance for all Christians.

“I say to you that many will come from the east and the west and will take their places at the feast with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 8:1). This feast that Jesus is referring to is the Feast of Tabernacles that will usher in the “Day of the Lord” (Second Coming) of the new era: The Millennium as referenced in Zechariah 14. (Must Read: Signs in the Heavens by Avi Ben Mordechai)

The audience of Jesus’ time would have understood what He was referring to because in Hebrew tradition, there are 7 exalted guests invited to the Feast of Tabernacles in the Fall of the year: Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, Joseph and King David. By Him mentioning just the first three guests, His audience immediately understood His expression was directly connected to the Feast of Tabernacles.

Just like how Jesus fulfilled each of the 4 Spring Feasts for His FIRST WORK (death, burial, resurrection and Holy Spirit outpouring), there is a historical foundation and precedence for Jesus to fulfill His SECOND WORK through the 3 Fall Feasts:

  1. Feast of Trumpets: Dead in Christ shall rise first
  2. Day of Atonement: Repentance of believers, Outpouring of Holy Spirit, Preaching of the Kingdom
  3. Feast of Tabernacles: Receiving of glorified bodies for the living Saints

People in Jesus’ day understood that the millennium was going to be a literal manifestation of the Kingdom of God coming to restore and replenish the earth. This was not a spiritual rapture of the church being taken into heaven to live in eternity elsewhere. Not by a long shot. Rather, the whole purpose of Jesus returning is to be glorified on this earth for He has already been glorified in heaven. He has been preparing His Bride (mature lovers of God) to be transformed in spirit, soul and body so that together, God’s Kingdom can be established on earth (Lk. 22;29; Rev. 20:6).

A second sneak preview of the Feast of Tabernacles is the transfiguration on the mountain in Matthew 17:1-13 and Mark 9:2-13 and Luke 9:28-36. Peter, James and John saw what it would be like for them when they too will receive their glorified bodies at the Second Coming of Christ: “Peter said to Jesus, ‘Lord, it is good for us to be here. If you wish, I will put up three shelters — one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah.'” Peter was referring to the “tent” (booth) of tabernacles that would be built during the 7 days of Tabernacles.

The “tent” (booth) is not just a historic building symbol of the 40 years of wilderness wanderings for the Hebrews, but it is more so the symbol of our mortal bodies (temple – I Cor. 6:19) after the Fall of Adam and Eve (wilderness wanderings). This world is not what was meant to be since the creation of time. When sin entered into this world, it was a violation of God’s creation and brought death. What was once in perfect union of the spiritual and material became divided and the material world came into a stage of mortality. It got separated from the spiritual (immortality). Since then, every one of us will experience death. Satan knows this all too well and knows that this will all be reversed when Jesus returns on earth (Rev. 12:12).

The whole point of Jesus returning to this earth is to undo what Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden and as the “last Adam” (I Cor. 15:45), Jesus has the full authority and power to give back immortality to the human body. Those that have gone through the 3 stages of their spiritual journey (Salvation, Sanctification and Service) will be prepared and ready to undergo the complete transformation of spirit, soul and body during the Second Coming of Christ. Those that are not ready will live and die as mortal beings and wait for the Great White Throne judgment 1,000 years later for their “second resurrection” (Rev. 20:5; John 5:29; Dan. 12:2; Acts 24:15).

Will you be ready for this amazing transformation of the body when Jesus returns or will you be oblivious to your purpose on earth that you squander your time, treasure and talent away to temporal things? The Feast of Tabernacles will usher in the 1000 year rule and reign of Christ on this earth. There are seats for overcomers, the elect and the saints at this Wedding Banquet (Feast of Tabernacles). This teaching is trying to get Christian believers matured so that they are made aware of this Great Day of the Lord. Don’t forget your extra oil (Mt. 25) and don’t forget your wedding clothes (Mt. 22) as you wait for His soon return during the Fall Feasts season. Father God has been passing out this invitation to everyone. Will you RSVP?

“Jesus spoke to them again in parables, saying: ‘The kingdom of heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son. He sent his servants to those who had been invited to the banquet to tell them to come, but they refused to come. Then he sent some more servants and said, Tell those who have been invited that I have prepared my dinner: My oxen and fattened cattle have been butchered, and everything is ready. Come to the wedding banquet.’

But they paid no attention and went off—one to his field, another to his business. The rest seized his servants, mistreated them and killed them. The king was enraged. He sent his army and destroyed those murderers and burned their city.

Then he said to his servants, ‘The wedding banquet is ready, but those I invited did not deserve to come. So go to the street corners and invite to the banquet anyone you find.’ So the servants went out into the streets and gathered all the people they could find, the bad as well as the good, and the wedding hall was filled with guests. But when the king came in to see the guests, he noticed a man there who was not wearing wedding clothes. He asked, ‘How did you get in here without wedding clothes, friend?’ The man was speechless.

Then the king told the attendants, ‘Tie him hand and foot, and throw him outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. For many are invited, but few are chosen.'”  Matthew 22:1-14



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