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The Letter and Spirit of the Kingdom

Just like how we have laws in which we live by in our modern world, the Kingdom of God has a whole set of divine laws and eternal principles in which it operates.  The Kingdom of God is an eternal Kingdom, so the laws in which it governs will never change.  This Kingdom has had a long history of being taught and manifested through a representative body in order for it to take root and spread its branches to the rest of the world.  It was represented as the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden (Gen. 3:21-24).

First, this responsibility was given to Adam in which he taught it orally and lived by it for 930 years (Gen. 5:5).  That responsibility was always passed down to the First Born Son known as the Law of First Born, so by the tenth generation it was passed down to Noah (Gen. 5:6-32).  Then from Noah’s son, Shem to Abraham that continued for another 10 generations.  The number ten means “divine order.”

As you continue down the generational lineage of this bloodline, the Kingdom of God was to be taught and practiced by the Hebrew people.  Once the 12 tribes of Jacob came into Egypt, they were known as the Israelites.  When the Israelites numbering within 1 to 3 million people came out of bondage from Egypt into the wilderness for 40 years, the priesthood was then established from the tribe of Levi.  Moses and Aaron were then chosen to teach the Israelites about God’s laws and principles in written form (Exodus 31:18).

Once the Israelites finally arrived into Canaan, the Promised Land, God used priests, prophets and judges to continue to teach and reveal the principles of God’s Kingdom to the Hebrew people in order to bless the other surrounding nations.  However, as many of you already know, they did not influence their surrounding nations, but the reverse happened.  The surrounding nations influenced them instead, and the Israelites began to take on foreign customs, traditions and practices (Judges 2:10-23).

In their pursuit to be like the other nations, the Israelites began to ask for a king to lead them instead of trusting in God.  In the midst of God telling them that the only king they could have is Yahweh, the Hebrew people directly rejected God.  So God, then gave them up to their own desires and gave them a human king.  It was Saul that led Israel for 40 years (I Sam. 13:1).  David led for the next 40 years and then Solomon after David for another 40 years (I Kings 2:10-12).  Eventually, due to the sins of the nation and the rebelliousness of King Solomon, the 12 tribes that made up the Israelites split into two separate kingdoms (I Kings 12).  The northern 10 tribes were called the Kingdom of Israel, and the 2 southern tribes were called the Kingdom of Judah.

After the reigning of 19 kings from Israel, the 10 tribes of Israel were taken into Assyrian Captivity (721 BC) due to their rejection of God.  They were scattered and taken as slaves no longer to return back to the land.  They are known as “the 10 lost tribes of Israel.”  The name and land of Israel were given to Joseph (Gen. 48:15-20).  It was his birthright of the Kingdom.  Only the kingship was given to Judah (Gen. 49:8-12).  Judah would never inherit the name Israel nor the land.  Many do not understand that there are two separate destinies, one for Israel (Joseph/Ephraim) and one for Judea (Judah) when the kingdom split and divided around 930 BC (I Chron. 5:1-2).

After the reigning of 20 kings from Judah, the 2 tribes of the Southern Kingdom were later taken into Babylonian Captivity (586 BC) also due to their rejection of God.  The Southern Kingdom returned back into the land in order for the Christ child to be born.  And so in 536 BC, about 50,000 Judeans returned back into the land during King Cyrus, Nehemiah and Ezra’s time.  This was during the later time of Daniel too, and God gave him a blueprint of how long it would take for the Christ child to be born: 490 years since King Artaxerxes in 458 BC to 33 AD.

Daniel’s book was testifying of Christ’s First Coming when He would “put an end to sacrifice and offering” (Daniel 9:27) because Jesus would be the ultimate “Lamb of God” who would die for the sins of the world.  Many do not understand that the 70 weeks (490 years) of Daniel’s prophecy has already been fulfilled.  There is no 2000 year gap theory and that text is not speaking of the antichrist that so many, misguided prophecy teachers are proclaiming.  Such teaching would make the Church Fathers and Protestant Reformers turn over in their graves!#!

Climatically, we arrive to the time of Jesus’ ministry (30 – 33 AD).  His message for 3 1/2 years was all about the governing rule and legislative authority of the Kingdom of God as He taught, preached and healed people all over Judea (Matt. 4:23).  He never abolished the law of God, but He fulfilled it (Mt. 5:17-20).  The established religious system of His day of the Sanhedrin, Sadducees and Pharisees were completely corrupt and missed the spirit of God’s Kingdom and laws.  It was perverted into a system of man’s tradition (letter of the law) that never left Judaism.  No one needs to become a Jew to be saved.  Rather, everyone needs a “circumcision of the heart” (salvation found only in Christ) to become a “spiritual Jew” (born again believer).

Because the institution of Judaism rejected God’s chosen King (Christ Jesus), the responsibility was then given to the Church since the first century.  The first century church was mostly Jews who believed upon the Lord Jesus Christ, and that is the point.  The whole point of giving the written laws to the Hebrew people was so they could first apply it to themselves, then teach it to other nations so that they too would be included in God’s Kingdom (Gen. 12:2-3).

Remember, they were told to teach the principles underlying the truths and concepts of God’s laws and not the customs and traditions made by men.  Anyone who takes on the name of Jesus as their rightful King becomes citizens of His Kingdom.  For God so loves the whole world…(John 3:16)…including the Jews and the Gentiles…everyone that would believe!

After the time of Constantine in the fourth century, the church no longer took their responsibility of teaching the Kingdom of God, but rather misused their position of power and authority upon the common people.  Instead, they exchanged the truth of God’s principles with pagan religious practices.  Since the common masses could not read the Scriptures, it was locked away and forbidden for them to read as dictated by the Pope and bishops of Rome.

Thus the cause of the Dark Ages were rooted in stealing the Light of God’s Word away from the people and to sell them pagan traditions that swept into church affairs and caused a replacement of the true Kingdom of God.  It got so bad that no one even knew the basic knowledge of how to get saved!  After 1,000 years of the Dark Ages, God raised up the Protestant Reformation to teach about the Kingdom of God.  However, the Protestant Church in time became fat with materialism and political power.  We are now in apostate, Laodicean time: “You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked” (Rev. 3:17).

Finally, since the year 2000, the responsibility has been transferred to the Bride of Christ.  We are coming full circle now. The Hebrew people failed.  The Priesthood of blood and sacrifices failed.  The Israelites failed.  The Judeans failed.  Judaism failed.  The Roman Catholic Church failed.  The institutionalized Church has failed.  However, there exists a representative body who have always been the Bride of Christ in every century.  They are not confined by the four walls of a church nor defined by a denomination:

Rather, they are a group of Overcomers who have been broken, corrected, refined in the fire and tested by God.  The qualifying mark is not perfection of rules, regulations and radical religion, but rather, one who has personally suffered with Christ to be glorified like Him in perfected love.  If you haven’t gone through pain, suffering or persecution because of your faith (not because of sin), then you should really question your spiritual journey…Seriously.

We are in a completely new era of the PMU.  The BRIDE must be Purified, the BELIEVER must be Matured and the BODY must be Unified.  These are the type of overcoming people that God will rapture (new spirit, soul and body) to usher in the law of the Kingdom in a manner that was suppose to take root since the days of Adam.  The Laws of the Kingdom must take form upon the earth in a governing body of overcomers who have studied and understood the laws and principles of God’s Kingdom.  “Do you not know that you will judge angels…?” (I Cor. 6:3).

His Kingdom starts in the Throne Room of Heaven and there is a legislative authority of holy human beings to take their seats from the Courts of Heaven.  They will rule the affairs of the new Kingdom of God on earth.  God’s glory is already revealed in heaven.  Now it is time to be revealed completely upon the planet earth.  The earth is the Lord’s and belongs only to Him (Ps. 24:1)!  In order to function within the walls of God’s Kingdom as new citizens, you must understand the divine law of the land.  If you do not agree with it, you will be called a criminal or a lawless one and be thrown into outer darkness where there will be gnashing of teeth (Matt. 8:12).

Understanding, teaching and abiding by the governance of God’s principles will take a literal 1000 years.  You might have asked yourself in past times, “What will we do in the millennium?”  I hope I have answered your question.  It is all about living in God’s Kingdom…understanding the letter and spirit of His divine laws which is His Holy Fire…This will be the beginning of the 7,000th year.

“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our ‘God is a consuming fire.'”  Hebrews 12:28-29




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  1. Absolutely beautiful. You’ve made it simple to understand and the truth is pure.
    Thank you. Truly appreciate it.
    Blessings and Shalom
    Tatiana Zoe

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