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Two days ago, I had to drive my son to his orthodontist appointment. My husband had set the appointment 6 weeks ago not thinking that it was set at 4:30 pm on a Friday afternoon. (What was he thinking?!#) The 5 freeway in Orange County, California is not a place you want to be during this time frame. I gritted my teeth and started the 40 minute drive with my two kids.

Soon enough due to an accident on the road, it was bumper to bumper at a snail speed. Oh no, we were going to be delayed… So then, I called the orthodontist not knowing that all calls go through a main operator first. I told the operator that I needed to let the orthodontist know that we were going to be late due to an accident on the freeway, but that we are definitely coming. The operator took down the message, but no call back from the office. At this moment, we had a choice to make. Do we go back home and reschedule it for the third time or do we race the clock and hope for the best?

I was determined to get my son to his appointment because he had already gone too long without getting his braces tightened. Picture the scenario: I was in an angry silence in the car. My daughter was moaning getting car sick in the back seat. My son was very disappointed because he had missed his swim practice to make up this appointment. This was not a happy Friday, and I was feeling incredibly stressed. We decided to take the risk and prayed that we would get there in time…as I am weaving through every possible lane to get ahead. (I absolutely hate traffic and don’t like driving in a very busy freeway.)

We finally arrived in 50 minutes at the parking lot. We all scrambled out of the car. We all ran up the escalator in the mall to get to the orthodontist office. As we turn the corner, there were like 15 people in the waiting room. This looks bad…I mean really bad 🙁   As I am huffing and puffing for air, I lock eyes with the receptionist to explain to her our dire situation. As I am speaking to her, I realize that we were 20 minutes late for the appointment. Then she replies back to me that after 15 minutes, the computer automatically cancels the appointment. We had missed it by 5 minutes! (Can you believe this…)

She told us that it was way too busy to squeeze in my son now. Too many people were waiting for their turn with the orthodontist. I continued to tell her about our ordeal that we went through to get there, but she simply apologized that there was nothing she could do for us. I was so disheartened. I reluctantly rescheduled his appointment for the next available opening in 2 more weeks. We all felt deflated. We just walked away in a daze…

We were all hungry, so we ordered some food and sat down to eat. As I was eating, a soft, slight wind comes through the food court and whisks my hair. It brings me to a peculiar attention and something amazing happens…I immediately get INSPIRED and a crazy idea comes to my mind! I sat up with chopsticks in my hand as hot sauce is dripping down and I said out loud, “I am going to go back there and ask her if there has been any cancellations and try to get in.”

Out of nowhere, I felt a new surge of energy and excitement as I felt the Holy Spirit lift my spirit. My son couldn’t believe what I said and asked if I was really going to do that. He knows that that is NOT like me. Then his attitude shifted and got excited with hope, and then my daughter’s countenance changed with hope too. It was contagious! Awkwardly, I answered my son with the urge of the Holy Spirit, “Well, of course I am!” (Wait a minute…Who said that? I am?)

You see…when the Holy Spirit breaths upon us (literally and spiritually), there is ZOE life. He can do this in our every day life as we do normal, every day things as well as touching us in our darkest hour. No matter what type of situation it is, the reality is, is that He is available, more than willing and waiting to help us. The problem is, is that we just don’t utilize Him nor are we aware of the great reservoir of resources we have in Him.

We must be open to His leading and awaken to His inspiration. We must practice recognizing the Holy Spirit when He spontaneously shows us a “new way” of doing things or addressing things or solving things. It will be different. It will be unlike us. It will be new. That is the basic ingredients of INNOVATION. You are witnessing the power of the person of the Holy Spirit to do His job within us and through us: counseling us, comforting us and lifting us (John 16:12-15). We don’t allow Him to do this nearly enough as we should moment by moment, but it is totally possible!

I am sensing that this year of 2018 will be a heightened year of INSPIRATION, ILLUMINATION and INNOVATION! Because of the times in which we live in, the Holy Spirit is going to be working double duty. He knows the difficulty of life and what it can bring, so He is coming in full force to equip us and empower us to complete tasks, meet goals and solve problems unlike any time before. After all, He is part of the Trinity and creativity has no end with our Creator! Get ready for His wind (spirit=ruach) to come upon you this year in fresh and new ways…

I almost forgot…Going back to my story…After we finished eating and looking around the mall, we went back to the orthodontist office. I asked the same receptionist from the front desk if there had been any cancellations, and if there was any possible way for the orthodontist to see my son now. There was less people in the waiting room, and so she went back to the orthodontist. Sure enough she returns to the front desk and tells me that she could do it!

We were all so elated! (Boing! Boing!) When our own efforts don’t pay off and when we are at our wits’ end, the Holy Spirit desires to redirect us towards a positive outcome. Who knew? I would have never thought to wait and to go back to ask again. My heart and mind was ILLUMINATED to a different way of thinking. That is so not like me. And that is just the point…It wasn’t me. It was all INSPIRED by Him…

“Keep on asking, and it will be given to you; keep on seeking, and you will find; keep on knocking and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; she who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”  Matthew 7:7-8



  1. Funny, I was (boing!) as I was reading the above then came to your mentioned (Boing! Boing!) Somethings had just transpired, too much to share here… Let’s just say Holy Spirit led me to your post just now which not only brought comfort but redirected perspective. Praise the Lord!
    Best wishes for a Happy New year of INSPIRATION, ILLUMINATION and INNOVATION…2018.

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