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MERCi is a spiritual trainer and has become a mentor and speaker within the location of Southern California. She brings 40 years of her experience in walking with the Lord and makes all her knowledge and understanding of the spiritual life available to you. No matter where you are at in your spiritual journey, she can take you to the next level. There is always more…

At the age of 6, she had a profound encounter with God who revealed Himself as the Lord Almighty. Being so young and searching for truth, it wasn’t until two years later that she finally gave her life to Jesus Christ.  When she turned 16, she had a second encounter with God calling her into full consecration to serve Him. One year later, she received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit that empowered her to get prepared for further service.

Her studies gradually developed from a psychological and sociological background into a more broad modality of an anthropological and theological perspective. She graduated from an Assemblies of God undergraduate Christian university with a double major in Christian Education and Missions. She then went to Biola University and earned a Master’s degree with high honors from their Intercultural Studies program. She also holds 2 certificates. One as a Linguistic Teacher and another in Jewish-Christian Studies.


After 10 years of teaching at colleges and universities and having 2 children, she officially launched MERCi Mi MINISTRIES in 2014 on Rosh Hashanah. Since then, she has been developing curriculum and teaching resources on Spiritual Growth, Leadership Training and Prophetic Gifts. Under her ministry are 3 branches: TRAINING, MENTORING and HEALING. In FALL 2017, she is launching her SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION CENTER: 153net

She offers a plethora of classes and workshops that can be customized to meet the needs of small groups, Christian organizations and marketplace businesses. She is available to speak at various social groups that are hungry for BOTH mind and heart engagement that embody BOTH spirit and scripture counsel. This is a non-profit organization that needs the donations of like-minded people to help prepare the Bride, Believers and the Body of Christ for the Second Coming of Christ.

MERCi wears many hats. Not only is she a spiritual leader, but she is also a mother of 2 young children and a wife. She says: “Jesus said that we are the salt of the earth. It doesn’t matter whatever I am doing…I want to be like that kind of salt where I rub against others to make them thirsty and hungry for the things of God. There is always more…”

plant & bloom

love HIS Word


walk on water

love HIS Spirit

One thought on “MEET MERCi

  1. Hey Merci, So beautiful!
    Your above testimony is certainly inspiring.
    A hunger of my heart as well to be more intentional in being the salt of the earth.
    God’s deliveries of His diverse gifting is so amazing in you – a committed life unwrapped for His service. He has certainly been preparing you for such a time as this.
    Stay blooming ~Sandy. Numbers 6:24-26

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