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The EMPOWERING Holy Spirit, part 3

Many try to sanctify (make holy, make right with God) themselves through positive thinking, sheer will power, and human discipline. However, this does not and cannot ever please Father God. We must understand at this point, that nothing we do can make ourselves worthy of eternal life before salvation and most especially after salvation. The […]

The INFILLING Holy Spirit, part 2

While the INDWELLING of the Holy Spirit instantly happens at SALVATION, the INFILLING of the Holy Spirit happens continually in the spiritual life of the believer. It is called SANCTIFICATION, the second stage. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit signifies the believer’s justification of righteousness found in Christ alone. Once the Holy Spirit is received within […]

The INDWELLING Holy Spirit, part 1

There are 3 stages to your spiritual development:  SALVATION, SANCTIFICATION and SERVICE. The role of the Holy Spirit within each stage of our spiritual journey is the primary agent of producing that inner transformation within each of us. In other words, it is truly the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit working within us that […]